Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saying Goodbye

It's been seven months since I left Vietnam and moved to Washington, D.C. My departure was quite unexpected, but as I have discovered time and time again, not all things work out exactly as planned and more often than not, there's usually a good reason. I left Vietnam the way I found it - by choosing without regret and trusting in the universe. I gained more than I could have hoped for from my experience, which I know has put me on a path I want to follow.

Mid-2009 - July 2010 in review:

I traveled through Cambodia, Laos and Thailand in August 2009.

My bff came for a visit.

Christmas 2009 and NYE 2010

The best holiday I've ever taken! The Philippine Islands with K.

My 32nd birthday in Hanoi.

A quick trip Stateside to visit friends and family.

The last motorbike adventure to the northernmost province, Ha Giang. (Which deserves way more photos than the few posted.)

Bye, bye VN...

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